and What makes DanceEdge unique?

DanceEdge is so much more than a studio. In our mixed-use space, different wellness opportunities are offered, to create the best possible experience for everyone.

DanceEdge offers a variety of experiences, from wedding dance lessons to salsa dancing parties to team-building events. We provide private coaching for all ages and stations in life, as well as group classes for couples, singles, and children.

At DanceEdge we believe in giving back to the community. Through homeschool dance classes, youth life skills programs, involvement in OSU Cancer Research programs, salsa dance charity events, we have been able to share the positive effects of dance with our Columbus family, and make a real difference, all while sharing our passion for dance.

Success is built on the DanceEdge approaches of:

Strong communication
Compassionate interaction
Individual student goal setting
Adjusting teaching style for each student
Engaging Audiences

Make a difference and change your outlook on life through the DanceEdge Experience! 


DANCE benefits

Get an EDGE on a healthy lifestyle!

Ballroom dancing is a skill that combines both mental and physical exercise with human connection, and is a non-stop learning adventure! Dance provides so much more than just technique and footwork. You will find yourself more confident as you have the opportunity to meet and socialize with new people, or build old relationships. When we live life to the fullest, our stress diminishes and experiences become more vibrant. So take that first step toward a new adventure and learn to dance!



PLAN FOR your special day with our custom tailored wedding SESSIONs!

All eyes are on you on your wedding day, and when it comes to your first dance, you want it to be special, enjoyable and full of happiness. Let DanceEdge customize a wedding program just for you, and give you the confidence to create magical wedding memories that will last a lifetime! Check out our introductory package below to get started!

dance edge INTRO PACKAGE


Put your best foot forward and begin your dance journey today! 


Not your average studio!

DanceEdge studio in Grandview Heights offers a comfortable, friendly environment designed for a multitude of uses.

Clean, crisp, smart and functional, this multi-faceted space is home to dance lessons, salsa parties, special events, and company functions.

Lighting and special effects create a variety of surroundings from formal to playful, sultry to energetic.

To schedule a studio tour or appointment, call 614.321.2348 or email info@mydanceedge.com 



1156 Dublin Rd Suite #102
Grandview Heights, OH 43215



Please contact us for lessons, a dance assessment, speaking or other questions. We can customize our lessons to fit your individual needs!