Preparing for the Ohio Star Ball Championship in Columbus, Ohio isn’t just about the steps, technique and performance quality, it’s about mentally and physically being ready to take on everything that encompasses competing — stress, stamina, energy, nutrition, technique, the glitz and glam, and so much more.


3-time Top Teacher and DanceEdge owner, Jeffrey Goltiao not only teaches his students technique and steps in Standard, Latin, Smooth and Rhythm, but he also stresses the importance of nutrition to his students to make sure they’re ready to put their best food forward out on the dance floor!

His students can dance anywhere from 40-60 ballroom dance heats, depending on the level, age and intensity of the ballroom competition and Jeff, on average, dances 300 times, sometimes more — so you do math, that’s a lot of energy, time, sweat and stress (and don’t forget loads of spray tans and Swarovski crystals).

Jeff suggests to have three beverages on hand while competing at the Greater Columbus Convention Center this coming week: a pre drink (such as coffee, green team) that gives you energy and makes you feel alert, a drink during the competition full of electrolytes (SmartWater, coconut water), and a post drink full protein to rebuild your muscles.

Along with these drinks, Jeff tells his students they should start their day with a wholesome breakfast to fuel their body for the long day of dancing. This kickstarts your body so you’re ready to put your best self out there on the dance floor!

How do you prepare for a competition and what helps you put your best foot forward?