Salsa dance is very social, and a great opportunity to practice partner dancing. At DanceEdge we teach beginners through experts, with private instruction, group classes and practice parties offered regularly!

Five Reasons to Learn Salsa

Improve Your Fitness

Salsa dance is a cardio activity, and canĀ help you to either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight! An hour of salsa dancing can burn up to 500 calories. It also stimulates brain activity as dancers are forced to remember complicated patterns and steps.

Build Your Confidence

As you learn routines, get fit, and practice regularly, your confidence will grow in your abilities and you will find yourself excited to get out on the floor at the next salsa party. By mastering a new skill, especially in a vulnerable sport like dance, you will feel stronger both physically and emotionally.

Connect and Learn

Salsa dance will expose you to a new culture as you begin to understand its Latin roots. It is also a dance that is well-known internationally and can be done anywhere. No matter where you are, New York, Florida or Ohio, you will be able to dance. Styles may vary, but you can dance anywhere!

Learn Even More Dances

If you are new to dance and begin with salsa, you will begin to discover other exciting dances! Salsa can be your introduction to many other fun dance experiences in merengue, bachata, cha cha and more!

Have Fun

This dance style is full of excitement and brings dancers closer together. Learning and mastering the complicated footwork and routines brings a special sense of unity and joy in accomplishing something as a partnership. Salsa dance will improve your social life as you meet and dance with new and exciting people at the next social dance party.!

Salsa Parties at Dance Edge!

Join us every 1st and 3rd Saturday at DanceEdge as we host Dance Unite Salsa Party Fundraisers. Enjoy yourself while learning a new skill in our group class, and practice at the social party, all while raising funds for charity!