Winter is here, which means hibernation mode is in full force. Before you know it, you’re covered in blankets up to your ears and sinking to the bottom of that comfy couch of yours. We get it, it sounds amazing, right? But DanceEdge is here to bring the sunshine, even on the coldest of days.

The winter time doesn’t mean cut out your exercise, although it is tempting, but maybe it’s about incorporating a new activity that can actually carry you through the seasons, no matter if you’re outside in the park, dancing at our Lincoln Street Salsa Saturdays or just rekindling the love with your partner, or even yourself.

Dance will not only spice up your mood and increase self-confidence but will also improve your balance and stamina, tone up your muscles and increase flexibility, along with other incredible benefits.

It’s easy to let the cold, bitter weather slowly creep into not only our bodies, but also our minds, so it’s crucial to keep up with a routine that allows us to be expressive and creative while devoting our time and energy on building our muscles and learning new techniques.

Don’t wait for summer to bring the sunshine, start your dance lesson today! Email DanceEdge at to schedule your lesson!