Break the ice and go dance – it’s no wonder that most parties and gatherings use dance to get the party bumpin’. Social dance is one of the best ways to meet people and melt the awkward silences away. Although there still may be cringe-worthy moments because you might not feel up to par with your dance skills, the best way to gain familiarity with the dance floor is to go to a social dance event! Social dance is informal, relaxed and most importantly, fun! It’s not about skill or performance; it’s all about socializing and pure entertainment. It even increases your social skills by making it easier to communicate and interact with others — so break out your new dance routine and increase your social circle!

With the Latin influence throughout our lives now, especially in music, Salsa dancing is spicier than ever. This dance is one of the most popular dances — and it’s no surprise. All Latin dances are great for social dancing. It allows us to not only to meet new people, but it gives us an opportunity to let go and dance without the pressure of being perfect.

Just feel the rhythm and let it move you.

Dance has often been described as a lifelong mood enhancer and also teaches you to go with the flow, improv and make split-second decisions. You’ll learn new styles, create your own, and also learn how to follow the patterns of your dance partner. Social dancing has been scientifically proven that it’s not only a great physical workout but also keeps our minds sharp. Who knew that a night of social dancing could be that beneficial?

No matter your skill level or dance experience, everyone is able to listen to the music and move together, while reflecting the beat and communicating with your partner. Whether you’re bringing a friend or going solo, you’re able to either renew the sparks or create new friendships with people who also share the same love of dance, while also expanding your opportunities to interact.

Dancing socially can give you new attainable goals that you can apply in all aspects of your life. In fact, all ballroom dancing began socially! Before you know it, you’ll start to gain a new knowledge of dances, patterns and steps that you can use during an evening of social dance. Not to mention, you’ll find more confidence and endurance to keep you dancing all night!

Social dancing can take you all different places from a nightclub to a wedding reception to a cruise or even just in your own home — you’re bound to have fun and expand your sense of connectedness and increase your network!

Entertainment takes on a whole new level when you’re out and about at a salsa dance event. Latin music is always sizzling, and wouldn’t it be great to learn how to dance to it while also embracing a new culture? Luckily, you’re in good hands with Jeffrey Goltiao from DanceEdge. Now is your chance to learn a variety of movements for different dances and rhythms.

In a two-session teaser, you’ll learn three social Latin dances on May 12th and 19th. Then following the last session, give your new social dancing skills a try and join us at the Lincoln Street Salsa event on May 19th in Grandview after the class!

For more information, call Jeffrey at (614) 321-2348 or email at