UPDATE: 11/2020:

With the recent spike in Coronavirus cases in Ohio, we would like to give our students, instructors and guests the assurance that we are following protocols and have implemented policies to ensure that the studio is complying with Ohio Department of Health requirements, found here, designed to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission, including:

  • Spacing, Capacity, Numbers.  We have limited the number of people permitted on the dance floor and in the building during special events, such as salsa parties. When hosting events with groups of more than ten, additional screening and protocols are implemented, such as temperature checks and enhanced mask usage. We also require log in procedures for all lessons, classes and events, for potential contact tracing.
  • Social Distancing requirements.  We require mandatory usage of our booking software by all instructors. We have imposed a limit on the number of instructors that may be in the studio at any given time. By limiting numbers and dividing the floor, dancers may maintain adequate distance from one another during lessons. Specific hours have been established as designated for vulnerable populations.  Masks or other facial coverings are also mandatory at designated times that all instructors have been made aware of. Some exceptions apply (for certain documented legal, life, health, safety, or security considerations).
  • Signage. Studio guidelines regarding social distancing, face covering and hygiene requirements are posted on our website, in the studio, and included in the liability waiver that all students and attendees are required to fill out.
  • Sanitization. We have hand washing facilities available, and hand sanitizing supplies provided throughout the studio to all customers and staff, The building is thoroughly and regularly cleaned and sanitized and high-contact surfaces are routinely disinfected.
  • Reporting Covid-19 cases to Public Health. Businesses must alert the Public Health Department if workers test positive for Covid-19, and ensure workers alert their employers if they were at work while infectious. In the event that one of our employees tests positive for Covid-19, staff, instructors, and the Ohio Department of Health will be notified.

UPDATE 5/2020:

We hope that all of our dancers, instructors and families are staying safe and healthy. We look forward to reconnecting with everyone soon! In the meantime, we would like to share with you some of the things we are doing to prepare to meet physical distancing requirements and to maintain high cleanliness standards. As always, the health and well-being of our customers, students and staff will be our first priority.


Employee Guidelines:

Staff will adhere to PPE recommendations set by the Ohio Department of Health.


Prior to Class:

In order to adhere to physical distancing requirements, the waiting area will be limited. Therefore, only one family member/parent/guardian will be allowed to enter the building with another student. Siblings not participating in class will not be allowed in the lobby area. We are encouraging drop off and pick up of students that are ages 6 years and older.

Staff will wipe down necessary equipment and wash their hands between each class.


During Class:

Dancers are not required to wear masks, but may do so.

No more than three instructors will be teaching a private lesson at any one time, to limit numbers and allow for distancing.

Group classes will be limited to the youth outreach program (Dance Connection), and will have no more than 8 students, to allow for plenty of space on the dance floor.

Lesson plans have been modified to limit physical contact with instructors and other students. We have omitted group partner classes for now.

Dancers are encouraged to bring their own water bottle with their name clearly on it.


We at DanceEdge look forward to welcoming you back to the studio! Be on the lookout for our summer schedule, as classes begin June 4th. If you were registered and paid for the Spring Session, you have a credit you may use for the Summer Session or any future session.



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