Have you ever felt like the wallflower at a wedding, or any event for that matter? Summer is on its way, and you know what that means — lots of weddings, events and parties! You may not be a shy person in general, but when it comes to dancing in a crowd of people, gluing yourself to the wall might seem more appealing if you’re not sure how to spontaneously dance socially.

We get it, dance can be intimidating, especially since it’s normal to want to look effortless and cool, but in order to spice it up on the dance floor, it doesn’t mean you need skills like Patrick Swayze or Julianne Hough, you just need to have fun and learn a few steps that can quickly make you the life of the party!

Here’s the good news, DanceEdge is here to help take that anxiety and turn it into excitement for every party and event. Whether you’re the host, bride, groom, family or just a guest, you still deserve to shine!

If you’re not someone who rushes to the dance floor, but are worried you’ll look unwilling to have fun — or yes, just a party pooper — the first step is to conjure up some courage and take a lesson. It’s brutal out there, one minute you’re un-fun and the next you’ve embarrassed yourself, but taking a lesson can be the first step toward a night full of fun on the dance floor!

Learn how to dance for your summer get-togethers and dinner-dance events by starting with a simple lesson. Group lessons, couple lessons and even single lessons are a perfect place to start to get you comfortable with movin’ and groovin’ on the floor. Whether you’re attending or hosting a party or event, you’ll want to sharpen up your skills or start with a blank new page on how to dance!

Before you know it, you’ll quickly build your confidence and learn dance skills that can be used for any style of dance or music. So it’s time to let go of judgment and get up off that thing and make yourself feel better by dancing — so get out there, Wallflowers!

Schedule a lesson, whether you’re the host, parents of the bride, the guest of honor, family/friends, bridesmaid/groomsman or just someone who wants to move and groove easily with confidence this wedding and event season. Contact Jeffrey Goltiao at (614)321-2348 or email at dancejeff@me.com.