The end of summer is quickly approaching and planning, budgeting and packing for a last-minute vacation sounds more like work rather than fun, so what better way to end summer with a stay-cation!

Thankfully, a stay-cation can be more than just kickin’ it on the couch. Have some fun, get some exercise and learn something new by scheduling a ballroom dance lesson with DanceEdge to make your stay-cation special!

Break out of your normal routine and take a dance class to spice things up. From salsa to waltz to swing, you’re bound to learn something new and have some fun that will be worth more than a keychain souvenir. You might even want to take your new dance skills outside of the studio and use them at parties and events!

It might totally be valid to binge watch Netflix, but take some time to be creative, get some exercise and meet new people! Dance is the perfect hobby that can be both stimulating and fun, while also gaining self-confidence!

Of course, we love a sunny summer resort too, but trying out a hobby, gaining a new experience and staying active can be just as fun and you don’t have to think about an itinerary, lost luggage or jet lag. DanceEdge will plan your lessons for you, give you the skills you need, and you’ll leave the studio with more than just a basic knowledge of dance steps!

Don’t let the summer pass you by — schedule a private lesson with DanceEdge or come join us for our 5-week beginning ballroom course on Tuesday afternoons from Noon to 1 PM, starting August 7th. It’s $99 for the full 5-week course or $25 per class for a drop-in rate!

For more information or to schedule a lesson call 614-321-2348 or email!