September is here, and with that comes falling leaves, the start of school, and ballroom dancing! Whether you are a student taking classes for yourself, a parent dropping your children off at school every morning, or an empty nester taking time to do something you’ve always dreamed of, there is no better time to enroll in dance classes than the start of a new school year! National Ballroom Dance Week is now—and it is the perfect time to celebrate this beautiful sport!

Over time, ballroom dance has evolved from being an activity for the affluent into a legitimate and competitive sport. With televised talent competitions as popular as ever, fans are inspired to get out of the house and sign up for classes. People of all ages are learning to dance, and recognizing all the benefits that dance has to offer!

Along with the physical rewards—think cardiovascular health, body conditioning, and flexibility, dancing improves confidence, social proficiency, and relaxation.  Studies show that dancing frequently can even strengthen mental focus and improve memory!

So what are you waiting for? Summer is over and there is no better time than now to join us in the ballroom! Schedule a private lesson with DanceEdge, or come join us on a Saturday night at our weekly Lincoln Street Salsa Parties! 

For more information, or to schedule a lesson, call 614-321-2348, or email!