It’s that time of year again! November in Columbus brings the Ohio Star Ball, the largest Pro/Am competition, not only in North America, but in the world today. Celebrating decades of ballroom dance excellence, this event will be one to remember. With that in mind, preparing for competition is just as important as the day itself!

Dancers competing at this level know how important it is to be prepared both physically and mentally. 2020 brings its own set of challenges for competitors, and it is important for dancers to be ready for any circumstance! Optimal technique, focused energy, increased endurance, and emotional preparedness are all essential to success. By focusing on proper nutrition and self-care, dancers can improve in all areas of competition!

Dance Edge owner and Top Teacher Jeffrey Goltiao encourages his students to focus on good nutrition and appropriate physical exercise leading up to the big competition. With students dancing dozens of heats, that’s a lot of energy needed to shine on the dance floor!

Jeff suggests to have three beverages on hand while competing at the Ohio Star Ball this month: a pre drink (such as coffee, green tea) that gives you energy and makes you feel alert, a drink during the competition full of electrolytes, and a post drink full of protein to rebuild your muscles. Remember to start each day with a healthy breakfast to fuel your body for the long day of dancing!

Put your best foot forward and prepare for that competition now to enjoy success later!

Click here for more information on the Ohio Star Ball, and join us in this celebration of dance!