DanceEdge is teaming up to host regular salsa dance fundraisers with Columbus charity, Dance Unite. These events are designed to fund programs for autistic and other special needs youth and adults in the Columbus area. Through this community support and involvement, the benefits of dance can be shared with all members of our Columbus family.

Studies show that ballroom dance can benefit students through improved attention, expression, bonding, and communication. Benefits also include improvement in social skills, developing trust, and body awareness.

The success of our most recent salsa dance party has enabled Dance Unite to create a weekly Integrative Dance workshop, located at DanceEdge. As a studio, we are excited to join in supporting this outreach project! We hope to continue this program well into the future.

For more information on programs provided through the Dance Unite general fund, please visit their website at ┬áIf you’d like to support this cause, join us at our next salsa dance for charity fundraiser on August 1, 2020, or donate online!